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Celebrate Spring With a Mantel Makeover

Ah, spring! The perfect time to freshen up decor, and a great place to start is your mantel. For tips on balance, symmetry and more, check out this post by Lovejoy Designs. But not before you take a look at some of our favorite mantelscapes.
I’m in white-hot love with this design that could be customized easily each season. Green accents pop against the crisp wall and the rustic wooden mantel.

Via Design Inspiration, Inspiring Spaces

We are in that season where I really want it to be spring,  but it just snowed, so it still feels more like winter. Because, well, it is winter. But we can dream a little, right?  And maybe the snow will melt everywhere and flowers will pop out of the ground and birds will chirp and the sun will come out we can open the windows and smell fresh air without freezing to death.
Sound good?
I thought if I start getting some supplies ready, when the urge strikes, I’ll be ready to SPRING into action. So let’s look back at a random selection of spring projects and decorating I did last year that might be just right for getting me, and maybe you, in the spring mood THIS year.

This is a really easy one that would be great for Easter. Get some plastic eggs at a store like Michaels’ craft. Find some branches in your yard or some faux ones while you are at the craft store. Put them in a glass hurricane jar. Voila, spring. I’m going to recreate this one for sure. Lots of ideas in the spring egg post too.

And while we are gathering up spring things, start to think about those tables! Little nests, sweet eggs, moss, bunnies, spring dishes, flowers, what else is kinda springy?

It is also time to think about spring decorating. Time to freshen our home and overall look! Pillows are one of the easiest things to change for the seasons. I’m a pillow (pello?) fanatic so more pillows will be coming my way.
And of course, it is a good time to think about our spring mantels (top picture)! Gotta get to work on mine.
Lastly, if you weren’t glued to my Facebook statuses yesterday, here is a bonus sneak peek into a project I’m working on at my house right now. It is a long ways from being done, but you got to start somewhere, right?
Maybe you have a bigger project you are wanting to gear up for, too?

Via Theinspiredroom.net